Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. Naturally, with a name like Walt Whitman, you’re probably wondering if I’m related to the famous poet, or why I was named after a box of chocolates. You might even be thinking that I’m the benefactor of a pretty hefty toll on the Walt Whitman Bridge that spans the Delaware River, connecting Philadelphia with New Jersey.

Well hopefully you won’t be disappointed to learn that I have no connection to any of the above. I was named after my great grandfather, who I’m guessing was famous in his household, but that’s about it. I’m just an ad man with a passion for brilliant creative ideas and fine art photography. I’ve tried to make a name for myself doing what I love, and have had some success along the way. Here’s a brief story of my chosen path.

My addiction to advertising (I know, it’s not PC to use that word anymore) started in college when I joined the ad team to work on a campaign for Sprite as part of a national competition. Although we did well (2nd place if I recall) I realized a few years later how pathetic our creative campaign truly was. What can I say, at the time, the catch phrase “Spring into Sprite” seemed like a brilliant concept. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t realize how awful it was because I probably would have chosen a different career path. And to be honest, other than playing professional hockey, (I can barely skate), I don’t think I was cut out for any ‘real’ job. Certainly not one where a tie hangs around your neck.

So began a career in ad agency life, where I’ve had the good fortune to work on many fabulous assignments for several of our country’s most recognized and beloved brands. Some of my most memorable and rewarding experiences in life came from productions that were part of projects I conceived. Trips to Australia, France, Corsica, Canada, England, and New York certainly top the list. Working with some of the most talented directors, cinematographers, editors, and photographers in the world made every journey even more special.

My personal creative journey has also been an interesting and fulfilling adventure. I’ve worn both creative hats, art directing and copywriting at various agencies and stages of my career. I guess that’s why I love being a Creative Director, as I am able to draw on my knowledge and skills from both disciplines to help mentor and lead creative teams in their quest for the next Clio or Gold Lion.

I call Fairfax, California home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Tie-dye is the preferred dress code, and even the coyotes, foxes, and deer seem to enjoy the psychedelic flavor of the town. The stunning hills and ridges of west Marin provide a beautiful and peaceful balance to our busy lives, and offer miles of inspiration, especially when bathed in the warm afternoon light.